Your Sales Page Deserves a Makeover

You’ll escape the DIY look that plagues less successful wantrepreneurs. You’ll join the ranks of the beautifully-branded “big name” course creators whose sales pages match the quality of their world-class content.

And you’ll finally feel like the real deal.

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“How Do I Get My Page Looking a Little Less Amateur Hour?”

You made your own sales page when you first launched your course. And it looked… okay. But now that your sales are growing consistently, you need to look like the real deal.

  • You’ve played around with some layouts and images to try and make it look better.
  • You even asked your VA to try their hand.
  • But that “professionally-designed” vibe eludes you.

Sure, You Get Sales… But That DIY Design Isn’t Giving the Right Impression

Especially as your influence grows and you attract increasing numbers of visitors to your school.

You know it’s time for an upgrade.


The Mother of All Makeovers – From Plain-Jane to Cinderella in #thatbluedress

You’ll join more than 50 course creators who’ve upgraded their sales page from “DIY” to “WOW”.


The Design Brief

You’ll Have Total Confidence That I Get Your Vision for Your Sales Page

To kick things off, you’ll submit a short 3-part form to tell me about your audience, your course, and your design preferences. Then you’ll hop on a 20-minute call with me to talk through your ideas in more detail. And, together, we’ll agree on the direction to take your brand style.

So you’ll know we’re on exactly the same page before I start work (no pun intended). Guaranteed to create a design you’ll love.


The Style Guide

Your Style, Re-Imagined and
Consistent Across All of Your Assets

Next, you’ll approve a 5-page style guide that breaks down our planned fonts, colour palette, logo treatment, image selection, and other key elements. And you’ll be confident that the style has been carefully matched to your exact audience and business identity.

So you’ll be able to approve your style right up front. Plus, you’ll have a rulebook to maintain your style across other assets.


The Wireframe

Unfurl the New Blueprint for Your Page, Meticulously Planned to Let Your Copy Shine

Your copy will then be mapped onto a conversion-optimised wireframe. And re-formatted for maximum readability and flow. You’ll see your new page structure laid out in full, and you’ll add your comments and feedback before we start any visual styling.

Your new layouts will make sure your most important messages are heard loud and clear. Not lost in hard-to-digest walls of text.


The Mockup

Name a More Iconic Duo – Your Style Guide and Wireframe Brought Together

You’ll see the first few sections of your page brought to life as an XD prototype (like a Photoshop file except you won’t need any fancy software to access it).

No more imagination necessary. This is where you’ll really see what your final page will look like in the flesh. So you can add comments and give one final steer before I start building.



“Congratulations! It’s a… …Sales Page!” Brought to Life and Ready to Make an Impact

You’ll get a launch-ready sales page that looks great on every browser and every device size. You can choose for me to build the page on your course platform (like Teachable, Thinkific, Kajabi, or others), or you can opt for a WordPress build, using a drag-and-drop theme like Divi or Elementor.

Whatever the platform, you’ll end our time together with a published sales page that you’re proud to send traffic to.


Next to No Time Taken Away From Your Busy Schedule

All you’ll need is to provide a short design brief up front. Plus keep two spots on your calendar for feedback sessions that rarely take more than 15 minutes.

So you get to keep your attention on the big picture.

Like your next launch.
Or growing your audience.
Or serving your students.

Let’s Talk

  • Tell me about your project
  • Get a free quote for your new page

The “OMG I Love It” Guarantee 

You don’t want a sales page you like. You want a sales page you love. So you’ll be relieved to know that I don’t take “yeah, it’s okay” as an acceptable result.

You’ll have multiple checkpoints to approve and give feedback on the direction of your page. And if you’re not thinking “OMG I love it”, you’ll simply ask for a do-over.

If you’re not fully confident in the direction of your project, you can stop at any point and request a refund for the rest of our time together.

No uncomfortable questions or hoops to jump through.

Let’s Talk

  • Tell me about your project
  • Get a free quote for your new page

Your Place or Mine?

You name your platform of choice or I’ll give you my best recommendation based on your budget and business.


Already Have a Brand?

No problem. If you already have a brand you love, you’ll simply point me towards your existing style in the initial brief.

Your new sales page will match your existing style right down to the last pixel. Almost indistinguishable.


Make Your Own Changes

You’ll be able to edit the content yourself any time. And if you’re not comfortable with how to make those changes yourself, you’ll simply arrange a demo with me to learn how.

Depending on the specific platform you choose, you’ll also be able to duplicate the whole page to re-use it for future sales pages too.

Let’s Talk

  • Tell me about your project
  • Get a free quote for your new page

“Working with Siobhán has been a dream.

Not only did she produce an incredibly beautiful sales page for us, but she went above and beyond to turn it around within a very short time frame. Any request I had, Siobhan was able to implement flawlessly.

I highly recommend Siobhán to anyone considering hiring her. We’ve since partnered with Teachable and even their rep complimented the new sales page.

Thank you so much!”

Amy Sangster