Upgrade Your Sales Page, Convert More Students

You’ve validated your course with your own “DIY” sales page. But now the sales are rolling in, it’s time for a professional upgrade to maximize results. Targeting, messaging, copywriting, branding, design, custom build… the works.

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We’ll dive deep into:

  • Your current targeting approach and how to rethink your messaging to speak to your ideal student with laser focus
  • Exactly how well your sales page is converting based on industry benchmarks—and what to do about it if your key stats aren’t quite up to scratch 
  • How to improve your sales page copy so that it educates, convinces and converts in exactly the right order to match the decision-making process of your ideal student
  • Your visual branding—whether it’s hitting the mark with your ideal students or sending the wrong message about the quality of your course

Whether we book a project together or not, you’ll come away with total clarity and actionable advice on how to improve your page to convert more visitors into paying students.