The Expert's Curse

You’re a world-leading expert but you draw a blank when it comes to writing your copy. You're too close to your own project.

  • “Am I saying enough?”
  • “Am I saying too much?”
  • “Am I saying the wrong thing?”

The nagging doubts keep you stuck in ‘tweaking mode’ as you try to guess your way to a higher conversion rate.

Research-Driven Messaging

Guesswork Not Required

I combine extensive audience research and customer interviews with proven conversion principles and buyer psychology—to give you a marketing message you have confidence in.

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Client Interviews

We'll have two 90-minute Q&A sessions so you can tell me everything there is to know about your audience and product.

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Audience Surveys

You'll be guided through sending research surveys to your customers and leads, to collect data on why people buy.

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Customer Interviews

I'll speak with 5-10 of your customers to understand why they buy and to hear what language they use.

The Result?

Copy That Sells

I translate the insights from my research into proven messaging and copywriting frameworks that engage, educate and convert—at every stage of your marketing funnel.

  • Sales Pages
  • Landing Pages
  • Sales Emails
  • Nurture Emails
  • Ad Copy
  • Webinars