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I write, design and build conversion-optimized sales pages for course creators

Hey! My name’s Siobhán (pronounced “Shiv-awn”) and I help online course creators sell more copies of their online course, through beautiful branding and compelling copy that educates, coaches and converts.

Siobhan James
Conversion Copywriter + Designer


Give Your Course Sales Page a Professional Makeover

Escape the “DIY” look and finally own a professionally-styled school that you’re proud to send traffic to.

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Convert More Visitors into Eager Paying Students

DIY sales pages underperform because they inform rather than sell. I work with clients to revamp their strategy, messaging and copy—replacing uninspired product descriptions with sales copy that converts.

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“I’m thrilled with the work Siobhan has done for me.

I came to Siobhan hoping to make sure every element of my student experience was first class. I wanted to work with someone who could take my ideas and vision and not just replicate it, but make it better… someone with the skills and expertise to make every little piece really, really great.

Not only did Siobhan do all of this, but she also really cared about my project. With her skill, artistry and enthusiasm, Siobhan has made me even more confident and excited about the future for my online programs. 

Thank you, Siobhan. So happy I found you!

Larry Silverberg